News in Dermatology #1

From the Desk of Dr. Heskel:

Every day there are new features posted online about Dermatology. Some are very detailed and informative, the kinds of videos and news articles that could help many take the proper care and precaution they need to avoid serious issues.

Other sources, however, are lacking in substance and fact, and could lead to false self-diagnosis or misinformation. The hope for this blog/series will be to chronicle skin care routines, information about best practices in Dermatology, educational material, and other types of content curated from around the web that will help my current and future patients cut through the white noise and stay informed.

Item #1: Infographics

Make sure when you find an infographic on google images (like the one shown below), or linked to a website, you check the source. Make sure the website has information that you could search and find elsewhere. It‘s important that everything you see online has sources, or reproducible content, so that you know you’re getting accurate information.

For example, the infographic posted below is from Femina, A Fashion Blog designed to help women stay healthy and promote a positive and Healthy lifestyle. Know the Source!

Source: Femina

Item #2: Youtube Videos

In the wonderful world of Youtube videos, not all are created equal. Choose the content you watch carefully, and before you invest your time in some of them, do research outside out of Youtube first. The more you learn prior to watching, the less likely you’ll believe something that isn’t true.

This video acts as almost an FAQ full of questions that are commonly asked. This is a great watch, and something that might educate you on issues ranging from the most simple to the most severe. Hope this helps.

Are face masks good for your skin? Does charcoal detoxifying work? Find out from these dermatologists answering commonly googled skin care questions!

As always, when in doubt, Contact us with any concerns you have and we’ll get you in as quickly as possible! The internet can be a wonderful teaching tool, or it can a labyrinth of misinformation and paranoia.

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