News in Dermatology #3

From the Desk of Dr. Heskel:

This entry focuses on alternative methods to protect yourself from the sun. I focus on the alternative methods here, instead of an entry on sunblock or sunscreen, because I feel that people are already aware of those methods of protecting themselves.

Practicing in Vero Beach, FL means I have regularly treated people with moderate to severe sun damage. Over my 40+ years practicing medicine I have seen it all, and whenever I can help people avoid sun damage I try to. It’s unreasonable to say, “stay out of the sun” so hopefully this article is the first of many steps in the right direction for preventative care.

Give it a read, and see if this is applicable to you. Hopefully this article, and additional resources, help you and your family prepare for the next beach day.

4 ways to protect your skin against the sun (other than sunscreen)

Link to Article: 4 ways to protect your skin

Additional Help (including tips for using sunscreen)